Make It Work Shuts Down | Tech Help LA – Saves The Day!!!

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Make It Work Shuts Down | Tech Help LA – Saves The Day!!!

Tech Help LA - Saves Make It Work Customers

Tech Help LA got wind of a large tech support company that recently went out of business leaving their customers in a complete disarray. Many customers had pending contracts and they were left with no where to turn. Our CEO Ron Patterson and our CTO Leibert Brooks were former employees of the company that failed shortly after their leaving. After hearing the bad news, Patterson and Brooks have decided to reach out to those customers to see if we can help. If you are an Ex-Make It Work customer, feel free to contact us for a FREE phone consultation. We can discuss your current technical support needs taking into consideration your financial loss and extend a generous service discount to get your problems solved. We pride ourselves in our remote support allowing us to fix problems online by connecting remotely to the computers that are connected to the Internet making the process of helping our customers more convenient and effective. Lastly, our hearts go out to the techs who have lost their jobs due to the fail of the business. If you are an Ex-Make It Work technician, we invite you to reach out to us to see if we can help in your transition. Help spread the word as Tech Help LA saves the day.

Quick Tech Help LA Tip:
Customers that have pending contracts with Make It Work should contact their credit card or financial institution to attempt to reverse charges. We have been informed that many customers have been successful in reversing charges and their banking institutions are planning to settle the matter with Make It Work directly.

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