SimpliSafe Installation Tech Help LA

Tech Help LA is now providing professional SimpliSafe Alarm Systems installations for residents in Los Angeles and neighboring areas. You can purchase a SimpliSafe Alarm System online at You can contact Tech Help LA by phone or text (213) 986-5722 or email us at and schedule an install date. The install, setup, and training should only take 1-2 hours depending on the alarm system components that you order.

SimpliSafe Installation Tech Help LA

Visit Tech Help LA Pricing for cost based on time required for complete installation.

Protection for every window, room, and door. Against intruders, fires, water damage, medical emergencies & more. All monitored 24/7 by professionals ready to dispatch police.

The standard Pay-As-You-Go rate for home user SimpliSafe installations is $99/hour prorated in 15 minute increments after the first 1-hour minimum. Each Alarm System can vary related to the time it takes to install including physical mounting, setup, and training. We estimate standard installs to take 1-2 hours. Standard rates apply M-F 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. Weekend and after-hours rates increase by $10/hour.

Tech Help LA

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