Microsoft Windows 10 Installing Automatically?

Microsoft denies claims that Windows 10 is being forced on Windows 7 PCs without asking users but many of our Windows 7 customers are reporting that Windows 10 is automatically installing on their PCs without permission. Tech Help LA has been getting calls trickling in all week that have been hit by this and users are extremely confused and shocked.

Nevertheless, we are aware of the matter and we are here to help. Feel free to contact Tech Help LA by phone (213) 986-5722 or email at and schedule an appointment to address the issue if you are a victim of the forced upgrade or if you want to prevent the problem happening to your computer.

Tech Help LA - Microsoft Windows 10 Installing Automatically?






Chromebit – Tech Help LA

Chromebit – A full Chrome OS-based computer on an HDMI stick.Chromebit - Tech Help LA

The $85 Chromebit is a 75 gram (or 2.6 ounces) stick that you can plug into any HDMI port — whether that’s a regular computer screen or that large TV in your living room. It comes with 16GB of onboard storage (in the form of relatively cheap and slow eMMC storage) and 2GB of RAM.

Google – Chromebit Device

In many ways, it’s a larger, bulkier version of the old Chromecast stick. Just like that device, it comes with a dedicated charger, but unlike the Chromecast, it also features a USB port. The Rockchip-based Chromebit comes in “Cacao Black” and “Tangerine Orange,” but overall, it’s a pretty unassuming device that’s mostly meant to disappear behind your screen anyway (hence why I’m not sure why there is an orange version).

While most people will likely want to use a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to connect to the Chromebit, the USB port allows you to plug in wired peripherals as well (and with a USB hub, you could even plug in multiple devices).

Because it’s a full Chrome OS machine, you can pretty much run any web app on it. It’ll let you play movies and TV shows from Google Play, Netflix or Hulu, just like any other Chrome OS device, for example.

You could probably use the Chromebit as a somewhat cumbersome media center in your living room if you wanted to, but it’s really at home in a school, enterprise, or maybe call center. As long as the work only involves web apps (or maybe a remote connection to a more fully-featured machine), the Chromebit is up for the job and can turn any screen into a usable desktop.

In the U.S., the Chromebit will be available at Amazon, Fry’s and Newegg (interestingly, Google’s usual Chrome OS partner Best Buy isn’t part of this initial list of vendors).

Contact Tech Help LA for more info on the Chromebit device.

Tech Help LA Camera Surveillance Security Systems Indoor/Outdoor

Tech Help LA - Camera Surveillance Powered by Surveillance Team LA
Powered by Surveillance Team LA

Tech Help LA has partnered with Foscam and Amcrest now providing reliable indoor and outdoor camera surveillance and security solutions for homes and businesses in Los Angeles, Malibu, San Fernando Valley, South Bay, and other Los Angeles areas.

Camera surveillance for your residence or business is a great and necessary tool to keep an eye on your biggest assets. Visible cameras are also proven to act as deterrents for criminal activity. Fill out our request form below and let us help you decide on a camera security system that best fits your surroundings.

The Carbonite Appliance (New)

Hybrid backup

It’s a simple, secure hybrid backup solution. With on-site data recovery and automatic cloud integration, it’s designed to protect your company’s most important asset: your data.

Bare metal restore

Bare metal restore allows you to preserve “business as usual.” By recovering everything from operating systems and applications to folders and files, you’ll minimize downtime and get back to business fast.

Affordable backup Appliance

Built to provide powerful protection at an affordable price, the Carbonite Appliance has no hardware fees, upfront costs or per-server licensing. So it’s the best value for your business.

Setting up your Appliance is easy. Simply contact your Carbonite Partner or find a partner in your area. Your Carbonite Partner will work with you to determine the best backup schedule and configuration for your business. They’ll set up your Appliance, connect it to your network and ensure it’s working seamlessly. So you’ll automatically be protected – from equipment failures to office floods and everything in between.

The Appliance is sold exclusively through Carbonite Partners.
Contact Tech Help LA at (213) 986-5722

Carbonite appliance



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