Why Email Is Better Than Phone Support

We’ve found that the benefits of email dealing with customers is so great that we simply discourage phone calls unless absolutely necessary, or you are unable to access email from your mobile device or a working computer. We’ve come to this conclusion based on professional experience. Email makes more sense for the following reasons:

• It’s more effective. You are never interrupting someone; they can always answer at a good moment for them, not just when the phone happens to ring. And you never get a busy, or get put on hold, so your own work can flow freely. It’s a no-brainer.

• The act of describing the problem often leads to realizing what the answer is. This is a method well-known to technicians: describe the problem and your solution may become clear. So often, in the course of writing the email, our customers will see that they left out a step, or misunderstood something; they fix the problem themselves. This saves a lot of time.

• When we answer a support email, we can include detailed information for the customer to reference. We don’t have to depend on the customers’ memory, on auditory transcription, or on possibly inaccurate notes… for all of which we will be blamed later. This reduces frustration and eliminates most of the need for multiple rounds of messages.

Although many of our customers are used to calling for help, they are depriving themselves of maximizing time and efficiency by not sending a simple email message. For a much better support experience, send an email stating your problem in the best detail possible and you will get a prompt response with a solution or a scheduled appointment sooner than later.

At Tech Help LA, “HELP” is our middle name and we do “IT” better!!!

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