Tech Help LA - How can I speed up my computer?
My computer is too slow. I can’t get my work done without being frustrated.
How can I speed up my computer?

A simple and easy way to speed up your computer is to clone your existing Windows or Mac hard drive to a new solid state hard drive. This should also give you peace of mind as it pertains to the local data stored on your computer. We use special software to make an exact copy of your current hard drive onto a new solid state hard drive. Many people think that adding more RAM is the only way to speed up a computer but that is false.

There are no moving parts to an SSD. Information is stored in microchips. This affects speed tremendously since your data is not limited by a mechanical arm with a read/write head. Your data is also safer due to this technology.

Do I still need to backup my data?

Yes, at Tech Help LA we highly emphasize the importance of backing up your data either locally or even better in a secure cloud such as Carbonite, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox. Even if your data is stored on a solid state drive you still should have a continuous and seamless data backup in place in case of a fire, theft, user error, or physical damage.

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Computer Hard Drive Cloning (Backup)

Tech Help LA CloningSystem Configurations
Operating System

If you installed expensive software on your computer and you rely on your systems functionality, you should consider cloning your hard drive. The process includes the purchase of a separate hard drive in equal or greater storage capacity than your current drive and making an exact duplicate drive that boots your computer.

Also, if you own a business that relies on a server and its software and settings over your network, this solution is one to consider and worth the expense considering the benefits and safe keeping. Since most backups focus on data, this solution focuses on the actual system and its settings and configuration.

This process only applies to Microsoft windows operating systems since Apple has a built in backup utility that can do this automatically

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