Looking for a Windows 7 Desktop?

Dell OptiPlex 990 Desktop PC Intel Core i5
Windows 7 Professional
4GB RAM 500GB Hard Drive
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty (Parts)
***Monitor NOT included***
$699 (Tax & Shipping not included)
The computer will be personally delivered to you by a Tech Help LA technician. You may choose to have the computer installed and setup for an additional charge (See Tech Help LA Pricing)

Dell OptiPlex 990

Do You Have Too Many Passwords?

Passpack gives you the tools to organize your passwords all in one place, the way you want them, with tags. For example, your Amazon.com password can be tagged both “shopping” and “books”. Your Macy’s account can be tagged both “shopping” and “clothes”. If you click on the “shopping” tag inside your Passpack account, you’ll see both your Amazon and your Macy’s entries. If you click “books” you’ll see Amazon only.

Once you’ve filled up your account, you can quickly login to those websites with your Passpack It! browser button. Turn on Passpack’s 1 Click Login, browse the web, then when you’re ready to login somewhere – click your button. Can’t get any easier than that!

A great idea for a weekend project is to change all of your passwords into something unique for each account. Now that you no longer have to remember all your passwords, use Passpack’s password generator to create strong, unguessable passwords and significantly reduce your risk of identity theft.

Password Problems:

  1. You have too many passwords,
    not enough brain!
  2. You need some logins at work,
    some at home and some on the go.
  3. You reuse the same 2-3 passwords everywhere (Yikes!).
  4. You get frustrated and waste time looking for passwords.

The Passpack Fix:

  1. Organized
    Relieve the burden on your memory with a secure, tidy list.
  2. Save Once, Access Everywhere
    From any computer or smart phone, anywhere in the world.
  3. Identity Theft Protection
    Use a different password for every site.
  4. Fast Login
    Login to websites with your personal Passpack It! button.


Free Perfect for personal use free! INFO
Pro Freelancers & professionals $1.50 month INFO
Group Departments & workgroups $4 month INFO
Team Company-wide provisioning $12 month INFO
Biz Larger sized companies $40 month INFO

Beverly Hills Computer Technical Support

Tech Help LA for Beverly Hills
Tech Help Los Angeles & Beverly Hills
@TechHelpLA Los Angeles, California
Reliable onsite and remote Mac/PC Home & Business Computer Technical Support in Los Angeles, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Malibu, San Fernando Valley, and South Bay.
Toll-Free: (877) 435-7671 Local: (213) 986-5722  Email: support@techhelpla.com

Our company has seen a growing client base in the Beverly Hills, California area. We are positioning to become Beverly Hills 1st choice in computer technical support. Our expert technicians are at your service. We do IT better!!! Because HELP is our middle name.

Our Service will produce the following results
Maximize Productivity
Maximize Reliability
Minimize Cost!!!
Businesses and individuals are relying on computers, the Internet, mobile devices, and other technologies now more than ever. They are constantly challenged with “keeping up” with the changes and advancement of technology in order to maintain efficiency in their operations. It is not realistic for business owners, staff, and individuals to take on these challenges on their own. Tech Help LA can be your new resource for technology help to eliminate stress and problems as well as provide reliable solutions for your technology needs.

2 Questions:

Are you using computers and mobile devices in your daily operations?
Are there times where you wished you had someone to call for help?

What We Offer:

Reliable onsite and remote Mac/PC Home & Business Computer Technical Support

1. Virus & Spyware Cleanup
2. Data Organization
3. Internet & Wireless Security
4. Data Backup Check & Configuration
5. Mobile Device Sync
6. Email Check & Configuration
7. Virus Protection
8. Software Check & Configuration
9. Remote Access & Cloud Solutions
10. Website Solutions
11. Music & Home Theater Solutions
12. Contacts & Calendar Sync Solutions
13. General User Training
14. PC to Mac Migration
15. Microsoft Exchange Solutions
16. Google Apps Solution

How It Works:

When you have a problem with your computers or mobile devices call us at 1-877-HELP-671 or send an email to support@techhelpla.com. We also have a Helpdesk Portal through our website that allows you to submit help requests online and you will get help within 24-48 hours to schedule an onsite or remote session to solve your problems. We have designed our services to make helping our customers easy and prompt. Don’t pull out your hair out trying to fix problems yourself contact Tech Help LA today. We can HELP!!

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