Administrative AssistantĀ Services

Tech Help LA Administrative Assistant Services Los Angeles

Tech Help LA’s Administrative and Personal Assistant Services specializes in assigning a personal assistant just for you based on your specific needs with the primary goal of tackling everything on your ever-growing daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists.

How It Works

Submit your detailed daily, weekly, or monthly assistance requests using our online forms and your assigned admin assistant will get to work immediately based on a set schedule or even remotely based on your selected billing plan.

Submit Tasks

Choose from a variety of administrative services then schedule yourĀ assistant on our calendar. Provide your detailed to-do-list by priority and your assistant will get going.

Get Assigned

Our qualified and fully vetted admin assistants are ready when you are. We will assign a personalĀ admin assistant to you based on yourĀ specific needs.

We Get It Done!

Your assigned assistant gets scheduled and gets the job done. After each visit, yourĀ assistant will provide reporting notes of tasks completed and or pending completion.

Office Administration

Your assigned admin assistant can do a variety of office administration tasks efficiently to keep you organized including scheduling, run errands, organize files, answer and return phone calls, email correspondenceĀ on your behalf, shopping, research, help with payroll, and more.


Submit your shopping list to your assigned assistant and we’ll stock your pantry with the groceries you need for the week.

Run Errands

Have a long to-do list? Have your assigned assistant pick up your dry cleaning, take packages to the post office, pick up prescriptions, or do your shopping.

Pick Up & Delivery

Send your assigned assistant to pick up and deliver anything you need. We’ll get it done quickly and carefully.

Return Items

Buy something that you need to return? Whether you bought it online or in-store, your assigned assistant can handle the hassle of taking it back for you.


Need help with a research project? Your assigned assistant has the know-how to do the legwork for you.

Parties & Events

YourĀ assigned admin assistant will help with all of your event needs. Serving, setup, manage and accommodateĀ your guests with a hospitable and joyful spirit.

Tech Help LA Administrative Assistant Services