Electronic Cigarettes – Safer Than Tobacco

Tech Help LA promotes safer lifestyles for our customers. Are you a smoker? Our CEO Ron Patterson is always investigating new technologies that help people and now we are going beyond computers, and mobile devices, into general human health. We all know that cigarettes are known to cause cancer. Smoking is also the number one cause of deaths due to lung cancer, emphysema, and other serious diseases. For every person who dies of smoking-related illness, 20 more suffer from a chronic disease due to smoking.

Electronic cigarette - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tech Help LA is now endorsing a new technology provided by the use of Electronic Cigarettes that has been researched to be safer than smoking tobacco based cigarettes and cigars. Electronic Cigarettes emit a “smoke-like” vapor that is not dangerous. There is NO SMOKE, NO SMELL, and NO FIRE… The devices are battery operated and the technology according to many sources is “much safer” than tobacco. Tech Help LA’s CEO has become fascinated with this technology so much that he has incorporated Electronic Cigarette device sales into the Tech Help LA services.

These devices are also known to lead smokers on a path of quitting there bad habit of smoking all together. Contact us for more info about options and pricing.

Boston University School of Public Health study

A study by researchers at the Boston University School of Public Health in 2010 concluded that electronic cigarettes were safer than real cigarettes and may aid in breaking the habit of smoking. Researchers said that while further studies on electronic cigarettes were needed, “few, if any, chemicals at levels detected in electronic cigarettes raise serious health concerns.” Electronic cigarettes were found to be “much safer” than traditional tobacco ones, and had a level of toxicity similar to existing nicotine replacements.

According to this report, the level of carcinogens in electronic cigarettes is up to 1,000 times lower than regular cigarettes, and early evidence shows that electronic cigarettes may help people to stop smoking by simulating a tobacco cigarette.

via Electronic cigarette – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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